With almost 90% of buyers starting their Austin home search online, making sure your photos look great on the web is one of our top priorities for home listings. Please see the list below to prepare your home inside and out for photos, and visit our Preparing Your Home to Sell page for more ideas on how to best present your home to potential buyers. 


Take a look at your home from a buyer's perspective - is it pleasing to the eye? Things to include:

  • Hide Cars: Make sure no cars are in the driveway or on the curb.
  • Enhance the Entry: Clean off the front porch if necessary.
  • Turn on Lights: Make sure all exterior light bulbs are working and turned on.
  • Prepare Landscaping: Make sure the yard and landscaping are in good condition.
  • Adjust Windows: Ensure window treatments inside are not distracting from the outside.
  • Clean Up: Pick up any toys, hoses, etc. that may be out in the yard.


Inside the goal is to make your home look clean, uncluttered, bright, and well-maintained.

  • Turn off Fans: Moving fans in photos look blurry - please turn all ceiling fans off.
  • Turn on Lights: Replace any light bulbs that aren't working and make sure they are all turned on, including lamps.
  • Adjust Window Treatments: Adjust your window treatments to hide imperfections (e.g. a neighbor's home that's a bit too close) or show off features (e.g. a pool or nice view). Either way, be sure you can still see the blinds or curtains - home buyers like knowing if window treatments are included.
  • Clean House: Make your home sparkle - and let buyers see the home and not your stuff! Hide the clutter, put away the toys, make the beds nicely - sideways pillows and wrinkles in bed covers show in photos, etc.
  • Make Bathrooms look New: Bathrooms are easy to make look nice - just remove all the personal effects, clear your countertops and wipe them down, put up fresh towels, clear out the shower, hide bathroom rugs, etc.
  • Hide Pets: If you have pets, don't let them show up in a photo - and hide their belongings (e.g. bowls, beds, toys). Some buyers may pass up on your home if they know pets live there.
  • Clear the Fridge: Remove personal items on your refrigerator doors - photos, magnets, menus, etc. In a photo, these items stand out.
  • Hide Trashcans: If you can see a trash can in a room, hide it - especially in the kitchen.