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Who runs is a service provided by Reilly Realtors, LLC, a licensed real estate brokerage firm serving the Austin, TX area. Check out our About Reilly Realtors page to learn more about our company and the history of

Why does Reilly Realtors, LLC provide this service?

We want to empower our users in their Austin home search by providing them with the best online search tool available. The idea is that our users will love our site so much they'll ask one of our Realtors® to help them narrow down their search and help them through the Austin real estate purchase process. We also hope that sellers will see our commitment to technology and professional marketing and choose to list their homes with us.

How does your Universal Search work?

The Universal Search feature at allows you to view Austin area homes for sale using our custom built, pre-defined searches. You can search for homes by city/area, neighborhood name, zip code, address, MLS number, MLS area or school district. Search as many criteria as you want- our search will show you results for all cities, areas, neighborhoods, etc. that you enter. After your initial search, use our drop-down menus to narrow your results to the properties that fit your needs. You can tailor your results by price, square footage, property type, year built and tons of other features.

What is the difference between using the "Select a Neighborhood" drop down and just entering a neighborhood name on the search page in the box that says "Enter Zip Code, Address, or MLS #"?

The data we use to show you home listings includes subdivision information; however, the subdivision in the data may not match what people commonly consider the neighborhood to be. For example, the information we display may include a listing that has the subdivision listed as "Cooksey Addn" which we know to be "Tarrytown". If you know all the possible names for a neighborhood, searching by community name works great. However, since we figure most people don't know all the different names for a given neighborhood (e.g. did you know "Spanish Oaks" is sometimes referred to as "11505 TX Hwy 71"?), we created neighborhood quick searches to help make looking for homes by neighborhood in Austin, Texas easier for our site visitors.