"U.S. Housing Bust Over."

Posted on Monday, July 16th, 2012 at 8:45am.

Austin Real Estate The Wall Street Journal recently published an article that declares the housing bust is finally over. Of course, anyone can announce that it is over, but that doesn't make it necessarily accurate or true. But David Wessel's recent article "Housing Passes a Milestone" provides plenty of evidence that brighter days are indeed on the horizon. For example, he cites that out of nearly 50 economic forecasters, only three remained unconvinced that the housing bust is not quite over. (Click here to read more on what Wessel has to say.) Luckily for those of us in Austin, the pains of the housing bust have been over for quite some time and in many ways we are rapidly transitioning to a seller's market! This makes it a great time to get involved in real estate and Reilly Realtors is here to help. Once you're ready, we encourage you to try out our user-friendly Austin home search that will allow you to find excellent homes all across the greater Austin area.

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