Reasons to Buy a Home in Summer

Posted on Monday, June 25th, 2018 at 3:14pm.

Reasons to Buy a Home in Summer

The days are getting longer and the Austin real estate market is certainly getting hotter! Summer is the most popular time to buy and sell homes - so why buy now rather than waiting for the weather (and the competition) to cool down? See below for our top 3 reasons you should buy a home in Austin during the summer!

More inventory to choose from. With many sellers choosing summer to list their homes, this is the time when you'll have the most to choose from! Especially in the hot Austin real estate market, it's not unusual for there to be upwards of 10,000 new listings per month (check out our Austin home sales stats for even more info). You may even be able to score a deal from a more motivated seller looking to beat all the competition.

Get to know the neighborhood. Summer is the perfect time to find out what the neighborhood is really like. Check out your potential neighbors and neighborhood activities, the typical noise level, and assess what the yard looks like during the hottest time of the year. Not sure which neighborhood is best for you? Our Austin neighborhood guide is a great place to start looking.

Selling and buying simultaneously is easier. If you already own a home and are looking to sell before you buy a different one, there couldn't be a better time! During the summer, there are more options to choose from on the buy side, and your current home will likely sell fast if priced right - allowing you to purchase a home you love without paying two mortgages! Just remember - buying and selling both take time, so make sure you're ready! Your real estate agent can help make the transition easier.

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