Outdoor Trends Buyers Want

Posted on Thursday, June 9th, 2016 at 3:44pm.

Outdoor Trends Buyers Want

Beautiful patio at 16709 Poppy Mallow Drive, listed by our agent Kelli Brewer.

If you’re planning to sell your home, don’t forget about the outdoor spaces. Buyers today see the outdoors as an extension of their home, and want to see functionality both indoors and out. Check out what buyers are looking for outdoors in homes today, and how you can spruce up your space to sell:

Low Maintenance Landscaping- A lush garden may increase your home’s curb appeal, but can be a turn-off for buyers if it requires a lot of upkeep. Small changes like planting perennials (which don’t need to be replanted each season) or installing stepping stones can make your lawn look amazing without adding to maintenance. Automatic sprinkler systems are a bonus buyers will appreciate. Alternative landscaping like xeriscaping, which helps reduce the amount of water needed, can also make a lawn look great without adding extra work.

Privacy- When homeowners are entertaining outdoors, they want a sense of privacy in the backyard. Planting tall shrubs along the fence line can help keep out prying eyes. Screens around a patio or walls on a gazebo can also help increase privacy.

Outdoor Structures- Buyers are looking for a functional, useful space in the backyard when touring potential homes. If your home lacks storage in other areas, adding an attractive storage shed in the yard could be an easy fix. Installing a gazebo or pergola creates a central space for outdoor entertaining buyers will appreciate.

Fireplaces and Fire Pits- If your lawn or patio looks bare, adding a fire pit or fireplace is a budget-friendly remedy. Just like a gazebo, a fireplace creates a central gathering space where the new homeowners can entertain year-round.

Outdoor Lighting- A bright, well lit home always looks inviting to buyers. With the right lighting, your home will shine like a beacon at night when potential buyers may be driving by. Lighting in the backyard means your outdoor space can be used anytime of day. Outdoor lighting goes beyond entertaining, however. Lighting on the exterior of your home improves security, especially with features like motion sensor lights.

If you’re thinking about selling your Austin area home this summer, check out our Home Seller’s Guide for expert tips to get your home ready to sell. As always, our team of agents is ready to help you find success in Austin real estate. Contact us for answers to your questions about buying or selling an Austin area home.

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