Housing Trends in 2013

Posted on Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 at 10:17am.

The Austin real estate market is projected to have another fantastic year, so it’s important to know what homebuyers are looking for and what home builders will be designing in 2013. This year’s trends will likely lean towards functionality and efficiency as our city and its citizens continue to think of new ways to make their homes more functional. With that in mind, here are a few predicted trends for housing in 2013:
  1. New Tech- Technologically savvy home features, such as having the ability to control features from smart phones and tablets, should be a popular feature.
  2. Health, Safety & Efficiency- Appliances in 2013 will likely be focused on these three factors.
  3. Smaller bathrooms- Homeowners are forgoing the enjoyment of master bathtubs in favor of the efficiency of showers.
  4. Fido’s Spot- Instead of placing the kennel in a random spot once a home is finished, many pet owners are now including their pet’s living space in their home plans from the beginning.
  5. Charging areas- For tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc.
  6. Mother Nature- Expect to see homes built with features that can connect the indoors to the outdoors on days with beautiful weather.
  7. Green Homes- Houses designed to cut down on energy consumption should continue to grow in popularity.
  8. Less is More- Many homeowners & builders will set their sights on homes with less square footage in exchange for a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.
These predictions were made by Jenkins Custom Homes (click here to read the original article).

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