Green Living Neighborhoods in Austin

Posted on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 at 1:23pm.

Green Living Neighborhoods in Austin

Austin has been consistently recognized for its commitment to “going green” across the city. As a result, homes with energy-efficient features have become more common in the Austin area. Want to know where to find “green” homes in Austin? We’ve identified a few neighborhoods with a focus on sustainable living and energy-efficient homes. Learn what makes each community unique below:

Colorado Crossing - This growing neighborhood in Southeast Austin features a section dedicated to green homes. Buyers who purchase a new home in Colorado Crossing have the option to add solar panels to their roof as an alternative energy source. Features like Low-E windows and programmable thermostats also contribute to energy savings. Learn more about Colorado Crossing on our neighborhood profile or view all Colorado Crossing homes for sale.

Seaholm Residences - The Seaholm Residences are part of Austin’s first EcoDistrict. Formerly the site of a power plant, the city of Austin has completely transformed the area into a thriving, sustainable residential and commercial district. The residences were designed to meet LEED® or Austin Energy Green building standards. The district also collects rainwater and uses solar panels to harness alternative energy. Popular Austin restaurants and hangouts are also walking distance from the Seaholm Residences to help residents walk or bike more and drive less. Learn more about the Seaholm Residences on our neighborhood profile or view all Seaholm Residences condos for sale.

Mueller - Like the Seaholm Residences, the Mueller district evolved from repurposed property. The neighborhood has been thoughtfully planned with sustainable living in mind on the site of the old Austin airport. Homes here were built according to Austin Energy Green building standards, which emphasize energy-efficient features. Some residents have even gone a step further to add features like solar panels to their homes. The district has hundreds of acres dedicated to parkland and trails to make it easy to walk or bike to nearby shops and restaurants. Learn more about Mueller on our neighborhood profile or view all Mueller homes for sale.

SOL - One of Austin’s most unique communities, SOL is committed to sustainable living. The homes here were built using green building techniques that have earned a 4 or 5-star rating from the Austin Energy Green program. Geothermal HVAC, solar energy, and unique designs work together to make each home Net Zero capable, meaning they produce as much energy as they consume. Some homes are even set up for rainwater collection systems. Residents can also enjoy a community park and plenty of trees throughout the neighborhood. Learn more about SOL on our neighborhood profile or view all SOL homes for sale.

Austin Energy also offers rebates and incentives to homeowners who make certain energy-efficient changes and upgrades around their home. Learn more about these programs on the Austin Energy website. Ready to buy a new home in the Austin area? Contact us to start working with one of our expert agents!

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