Get to Know Your Neighbors

Posted on Friday, March 4th, 2016 at 4:45pm.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

If you’ve just moved into a new home and a new neighborhood, it’s important to take some time and get to know your neighbors. Forming relationships with your neighbors can help keep your neighborhood safe, give you someone to rely on for help, and even foster a lifelong friendship. If you’re not sure how to approach your new neighbors, here are some tips to introduce yourself:

  • Go for a walk around your neighborhood. Not only will this give you a chance to familiarize yourself with the area, but it’s a great opportunity to greet other residents. If you see a car drive past, give a friendly wave. If you see a neighbor out in their yard or walking past you on the sidewalk, take the time to say “Hello” and briefly introduce yourself.
  • If you have children, bring them along with you as you tour the neighborhood. You’ll most likely meet other parents and their children, which could lead to friendships just a few houses down. If you have a dog, taking a walk through the neighborhood or visiting the local park can introduce you to other pet owners in your area.
  • Stop by your neighbor’s house with a small gift, like a candle or homemade treats, and introduce yourself. Try to avoid dropping by when they may be busy, like during dinnertime. Unless you're invited in, keep your introduction brief and friendly.
  • If you’re unable to drop by, leaving a note is a friendly alternative. Write a short, handwritten letter introducing yourself and your family, and drop it in their mailbox or leave it by the front door. You can even attach the note to a small gift and/or invite them to stop by at their convenience for a cup of coffee or a drink.
  • If your neighborhood has a homeowners' association, consider attending the next meeting. Not only will you learn about any issues concerning your neighborhood, but such meetings are a great opportunity to meet people.

Getting to know your neighbors is a good first step to feeling safe and welcome in your new home. If you are still looking, use our Austin Neighborhood Guide to find the perfect place to call home in the Austin area. If you have any questions about Austin neighborhoods, contact us today!

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