Five Tips for Viewing Homes

Posted on Friday, October 16th, 2015 at 4:36pm.

Five Tips for Viewing Homes

For many buyers, viewing potential homes can be an exciting and overwhelming process. It can be easy to overlook important details in the excitement of viewing a new home. Use our tips below to help you make the most of each home showing.

View Photos Online- In today’s market, about 90% of buyers start by looking for homes online. Most online listings will include spectacular photos alongside details about the home. These photos are a great way to begin narrowing down your list of homes to see. However, photos will only reveal so much about each home, so don’t consider viewing photos online as a substitute for touring a home in person.

Attend Showings with Your Realtor- Your Realtor can create a list of potential homes to view, and arrange a showing time with the seller’s agent. Buyers and their Realtors often view as many as 10-12 homes a day. Your Realtor will be able to point out specific details about each home at each showing. It also doesn’t hurt to have an extra pair of eyes on your side to catch details you may have overlooked.

Remember Your Wish List- As a buyer, you probably have a list of needs and wants for your new home, like four bedrooms or a pool in the backyard. As you tour each home, take note of all the features that meet your needs. Try to imagine how this home will fit into your lifestyle. For example, is there enough space for your family plus out of town guests? How is the floor plan laid out? How close is this home to your workplace? You may even find it helpful to write down all of your requirements for a home and check off the features as you go.

Don’t Overlook the Details- When touring a home for the first time, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of viewing a potential new home. However, this is the time to pay attention to details that will have a big impact on your life in this new home. Some details that often go overlooked are the amount of lighting in a space, if there are enough wall outlets in a room, or if there is enough storage space throughout the home. Taking note of these small details at the beginning can help you decide whether a certain home will fit your lifestyle.

Visit Your Favorite Homes Again- If you have more than one favorite after touring multiple homes, don’t be afraid to ask your Realtor to set up a second showing. Taking another look at a home gives you the opportunity to notice details you may have overlooked before. Remember your first impression of the home during your second showing and see if it has changed. If you fell in love with a home the first time and still love it the second, you can be more confident in your choice of a new home.

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