Five Open House Safety Tips

Posted on Monday, November 9th, 2015 at 3:48pm.

Five Open House Safety Tips

Open houses can be a great marketing tool when selling your house. However, opening your home to strangers can also put you at risk. When it comes to safety, you can never be too careful. Follow these tips to prep your home for a safe open house:

1. Store Away All Valuables- Go room to room in your home and remove any personal items or valuables. Some of the most commonly stolen items in homes are money, jewelry, electronics, clothing, and firearms. Lock up your valuables in a safe or store them at the home of someone you trust while you list your home. Check your cabinets for alcohol or prescription drugs, which can easily be pocketed during an open house. Stow away financial documents or personal identifiers like passports or Social Security cards. If you can’t remove your computer, be sure it is password protected.

2. Talk to Your Neighbors- Let your neighbors know the date and time of your open house. Ask them to keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior, like strange cars parked out front after the open house is over, or unaccompanied people walking around and checking windows or doors. Introduce your neighbors to your agent and point out his or her car so they know who to expect at your home. You can never have too many eyes on your home.

3. Check All Rooms- Go through your home and check all rooms before the open house to make sure everything is in place and no documents or valuables are left lying around. During and after the open house, your agent will check all rooms to make sure no items have walked away and no visitors are still in the home before locking up.

4. Use a Sign-In Sheet- Most agents will use a sign-in sheet to track incoming visitors. This not only gives your agent the opportunity to follow-up with visitors, but also serves as a safety tool. Be sure to catch all visitors at the door and collect their name, phone number, and email address. If any problems arise or items go missing, you will have a record on hand of who was in your home that day.

5. Look Out for Your Realtor- Since agents are often alone at open houses, they are more vulnerable to dangerous situations. Your agent may already have a reliable safety plan in place while hosting an open house, but it doesn’t hurt to keep an extra eye out for them. A quick phone call to check in is an easy way to make sure your agent hasn’t been caught up in an unfortunate situation. Set a time with your agent when you can return home after the open house to meet them and make sure they are safe.

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