Easy Landscaping Projects to Spruce Up Your Yard

Posted on Thursday, April 26th, 2018 at 1:30pm.

Easy Landscaping Projects to Spruce Up Your Yard

Sometimes you get sick of looking at the same yard everyday and feel like you need a refresh, but it can be hard to jump in when it looks so daunting. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to change up your landscaping that can even be accomplished in a single day. See below for our tips on easy projects to update your landscaping.

Azalea bushes

Create a focal point. A large garden or excessive landscaping can be overwhelming at first glance. By creating a display that purposefully stands out and draws the viewer's eye, you can ensure that they're focusing on what you want them to, even if there are a lot of pieces. Bright, flowering bushes or lovely perennials are a great way to grab attention in what might be a sea of grass and evergreens.

Make a flagstone wall. Making a small wall under a foot tall is an easy project, requiring just a few materials (stones, gravel/sand, and a digging tool) and some time out of your day! Choose stones with a consistent thickness so the wall is uniform throughout, and choose a stone that splits easily into slabs, like limestone, sandstone, or shale. To make it look its best, save the thickest and prettiest stones for the top layer.

Stone path

Build a path. One of the easiest and most diverse ways to update your landscaping is to add a pathway. The opportunities are endless: from charming stepping stones, to classic crushed stone or gravel, to sophisticated stone slabs (like those pictured to the left), you can design the path any way you like to fit in with your style and add curb appeal.

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