Californians Moving to Texas

Posted on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 at 4:48am.

According to a new report from NBC in Southern California, California saw a significant decrease in their population in 2011. Taking into account people moving to and from California, the total population shift saw a total loss of approximately 100,000 citizens to other states. So what was the most popular destination for former Californians? While Nevada, Washington, Arizona and Oregon were all strong competitors, the state with the largest increase in California newcomers was Texas. With nearly 59,000 Californians relocating to the lone star state in 2011, Texas was clearly the most popular state for Californians to relocate to. The great climate and robust economy are two of the key factors in luring away people from the west coast. Texas has also been drawing companies from California to its own big cities for the last few years. And with many job opportunities available for native Texans, as well as newcomers, it’s a good choice for those switches states. Click here to read more about why Californians are moving to Texas.

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