Best Dog Parks in Austin

Posted on Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 at 2:07pm.

Dog park at Zilker Park in Austin. Photo courtesy of Matthew Rutledge.

Spring is here! As Austin temperatures warm up, locals are returning to Austin’s outdoor scene. For Austin pet owners, there are plenty of parks all around the area that welcome dogs of all kinds. Whether you’re looking for a completely off-leash zone or any park that welcomes pets, our list of the best dog parks in Austin can help you find the perfect park for you and your dog. Check out some of our favorite dog parks in Austin:

Red Bud Isle- It’s hard to make a list of dog-friendly parks in Austin without mentioning Red Bud Isle. The entire park is open to off-leash dogs. Dogs who love the water will have a blast swimming in Town Lake. You can also take a jog with your pet along the trail that loops around the isle.

Zilker Park- A large portion of Austin’s most beloved park is open as an off-leash area for dogs. The wide open field is perfect for playing catch. Since the whole park is not an off-leash area, please take note of posted signage to know when to leash your pet.

Auditorium Shores- This lakeside park has always been a favorite of Austin dog owners. New renovations planned for Auditorium Shores this year will create a fenced area just for dogs to explore. Currently, dogs are welcome to roam around the entire park and even wade in the cool waters of Lady Bird Lake.

Walnut Creek Park- If you like to exercise with your pet, there’s no better place to do it than at Walnut Creek Park. The long, winding trails at this park are the perfect venue to take a jog with your dog. The off-leash area reserved for pets is large and even crosses the creek in some places.

Shoal Creek Greenbelt- A small portion of this three mile trail is open to off-leash dogs. The shady atmosphere and central location make this area a favorite of Austin dog owners. The off-leash area runs from 24th to 29th Street.

Emma Long Metropolitan Park- This park is the largest in the Austin area and has a good-sized off-leash dog area as well. As you take in the spectacular views of Lake Austin, your pet can enjoy exploring the winding trails and even take a dip in the cool waters.

Mary Moore Searight Metropolitan Park- Found in South Austin, this huge park isn’t just welcome to dogs, but horses too! There is a designated off-leash area for dogs and special trails for horseback riding. You can find the off-leash area at the north end of the grounds.

Norwood Estate Dog Park- Located near the shores of Lady Bird Lake, this park is exclusively designed for your four-legged friend. There’s plenty of shade from the large trees lining the shore. For those with smaller dogs, Norwood Estate has a separate, fenced area reserved for puppies and small dogs.

Lakeway Dog Park- The Lakeway Dog Park is located within the larger Lakeway City Park bordering Lake Travis. Tall trees surround the well-maintained, fenced off-leash area. Dogs are also welcome on the extensive trail which winds throughout the park.

Round Rock Dog Depot- The Round Rock Dog Depot isn’t your average dog park. In addition to wide open fields, dogs can run through the tunnels, jump over tires and play on the wooden ramps. The depot is divided into two fenced areas for large and small dogs.

Georgetown Bark Park- Similar to the Round Rock Dog Depot, the Georgetown Bark Park has plenty of obstacles and tunnels for dogs to explore. Divided into areas for large and small dogs, owners can relax in the shade as their pets make new friends. There are water fountains for dogs and people in the park.

Cedar Bark Park­- The Cedar Bark Park offers five acres of fenced, off-leash land for dogs of all kinds. There’s even a small pond where pets can splash around! At the end of your visit, be sure to stop by the dog showers to give your pet a rinse.

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