Average Homeowners Insurance Austin

Posted on Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 at 9:45am.

Austin Homeowner's Insurance   Everything’s bigger in Texas, and unfortunately this saying applies to homeowner’s insurance rates as well. Because of Texas’ wide variations in weather and the risks that are associated with said weather, Texans often find themselves paying more for their homeowners insurance than other homeowners throughout the nation with comparable homes. Whether its hurricanes or wildfires, hail storms or tornados, Texas always seems to have larger than life weather.  Unfortunately, this means that Texas’ losses on an average an insurance claim are among the highest in the country. Therefore, the risk associated with Texas weather is then passed to the homeowner in the form of higher than average premiums. In fact, the 2011 average premium on a homeowner’s policy in Texas was $1,412. Austinites were more fortunate than many others in the state, seeing as home insurance rates in Austin for March 2012 hovered at approximately $1,118, roughly $300 less than the state average. Clearly the average cost of homeowners insurance is one more advantage that our great city enjoys. To recap: Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Austin: $1,118 (March 2012). Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Texas: $1,412 (2011). To learn more about homeowners insurance rates in Austin, Texas you can visit the Texas Department of Insurance Website. And now that you know a bit more about the average cost of homeowners insurance in Austin, the only question that remains is: How does your rate compare?

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