Austin’s Surprising Housing Market

Posted on Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 at 10:26am.

According to a recent article from the Austin Business Journal, Realty Pin has included Austin in its list of the top 5 surprising real estate markets for 2012. The New York-based real estate firm ranked Austin #4 on its list, citing the speed at which homes are being sold in Austin despite its smaller size compared to other Texas cities. The rest of the list included Honolulu at #1, West Palm Beach at #2, Minneapolis-St. Paul at #3 and Richmond at #5. Despite the claims of Realty Pin, it should come as no surprise that Austin’s real estate market is on the rise. 2012 marked the best year for Austin real estate since the recession and experts continue to predict further success for the Austin housing market. After all, Austin has a low unemployment rate (approximately 4.9%) and continues to create jobs. In addition, Round Rock and Austin continue to reign as two of the fastest growing cities in the nation. Austin also has a great climate, an intelligent community and a unique lifestyle that is difficult to recreate. In our opinion, the better question to ask is, “Why wouldn’t the Austin real estate market be doing this well?” While Austinites can consider themselves flattered at the recognition from Realty Pin, they should by no means be surprised at how well the housing market continues to do. And as we look forward to what is traditionally the busy season for real estate (late spring-summer) there is good reason to believe that the Austin market will continue to thrive- but no surprise there! If you’re considering buying or selling a home in Austin, Reilly Realtors would be glad to help you along the way. Remember to regularly check in with us to find out all the latest news for Austin real estate. Click here to read the original article from the Austin Business Journal.

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