Austin's Latest Top 10 Rankings

Posted on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 at 4:44pm.

Austin's Latest Top Ten Rankings

It’s a great time to live in Austin! The Texas capital is bustling with job, population and economic growth. With all this growth, it’s no surprise that Austin continues to stay in the nation’s spotlight. For several years now, Austin has been topping the charts and rankings released by top websites. Here’s a round-up of Austin’s latest top 10 rankings:

8th Fastest-Growing City

According to a survey performed by WalletHub, Austin is the 8th fastest-growing city in the nation. This is not a surprising ranking for most Austin residents, since Austin has been recognized as a fast-growing city by several publications over the last few years. WalletHub attributes Austin’s fast-growing population to the city’s steady job and population growth. Other factors contributing to Austin’s top 10 ranking were a low unemployment rate, increase in median household income and increase in regional GDP. Austin also ranked number one within the same survey for cities with a population of over one million. It doesn’t look like Austin’s growth is slowing down anytime soon.

2nd Fastest-Growing Child Population

Austinites keep having babies! Austin has the second-highest percentage increase of children over the last 13 years, according to a study commissioned by Forbes. Between 2000 and 2013, Austin’s population of children, ages 5-14, increased by almost 50%. Children in that age group make up about 14% of Austin’s population! Austin is a family-friendly city, with an abundance of parks, top-rated schools and child-centric locales like The Thinkery. The Austin area is also full of communities that create a great atmosphere for raising children, including Lakeway, Westlake and Round Rock. Check out our top 5 Austin neighborhoods for families.

5th High-Tech Market

With top tech companies like Dell, Apple and Google choosing to make their home in Austin, the city has become a contender for tech jobs among regions like San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The High-technology Office Outlook report published by Jones Lang LaSalle recognized Austin as its number 5 high-tech market in the nation. Austin received an overall score of 58.5 in the report, which was close competition for Silicon Valley’s 70.6 score. According to the report, Austin has seen overall growth in high-tech employees, jobs and salaries. The report also noted that companies are looking for office space in both the downtown and suburban areas of Austin, to be closer to where their workers live and play. That’s good news for Austin residents looking to purchase a home close to work.

As long as Austin is in the nation’s spotlight, there will be plenty of residents looking for Austin homes. If you’re thinking about buying a home in Austin, don't wait to contact us today!

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