Austin Ranked #1, Again?

Posted on Friday, July 27th, 2012 at 10:34am.

Austin Real Estate

Reilly Realtors is excited to announce that the great city of Austin has been rated best in- drum roll please-…everything? While it may sound like an outlandish claim, it seems that we Austinites can hardly go a day without hearing of another new study or survey that confirms that Austin is the place to be. So why are we telling you this when you’ve heard it over and over again throughout 2012? For starters, we are proud Austinites and excited that Austin continues to be looked upon so favorably across then nation. But we are also mentioning this because we just happened to read a fantastic story from the Austin Business Journal attesting to this. Writer/editor Colin Pope has a variety of new reports and surveys that back up his claim that Austin is number one in just about everything. And that goes for real estate too! It’s an exciting time for both buyers and sellers in real estate as our city is shifting from a buyer’s market to a seller’s. And with that in mind, it’s time for all of you who have been sitting on the proverbial fence to get involved. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or invest, Austin is a great place to be for real estate- and a great place to be for just about everything else. Click here to read more about what the Austin Business Journal has to say about Austin’s popularity or visit our Austin home search page to get started today!

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