Austin On WSJ Youth Magnet List

Posted on Monday, October 5th, 2009 at 3:14pm.

The Wall Street Journal reported last Wednesday that Austin ranks #5 in its list of “11 Post-Recession Boomtowns”.  “The Wall Street Journal sought out six of the nation’s leading experts to rank the 10 U.S. cities they see as most likely to emerge as ‘youth magnet’ cities after the recession—popular target destinations among young, college-educated, often single people setting out to start a career, find a mate or both.” While the Journal itself notes that the rankings are not scientific (calling the effort a “parlor game”), expert demographers, economists, geographers, and urban issues authors were among the panelists. The rankings appear below, as well as the details on why Austin made the list. 1. Washington D. C. (tie) 2. Seattle (tie) 3. New York City 4. Portland, Ore. 5. Austin, TX 6. San Jose, CA 7. Denver 8. Raleigh Durham, N.C. 9. Dallas 10. Chicago (tie) 10. Boston (tie) “Fifth Place:  Austin, Texas Topline: Nobody ever has anything bad to say about Austin. At least that’s what its fans say. A state capital and site of the University of Texas’s biggest campus, Austin has become a gathering place for tech- and arts-minded young adults. The city has significant high-tech, computer and electronics sectors, helping make it “a model for a thriving 21st-century knowledge-based community,” one panelist says. Its annual South by Southwest media and arts conference and the yearly Austin City Limits music festival draw hundreds of thousands of visitors. Plus, the climate is cooler than most of Texas, and the cost-of-living is well below other cultural hot spots. Downside: Some panelists have doubts about how strongly Austin will rebound after the recession. ” See the full story at The Next Youth-Magnet Cities.

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