Austin housing market still strong

Posted on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007 at 4:07pm.

Despite reports of a nationwide downturn in residential real estate, the Austin housing market was recently identified as one of a select number of U.S. cities that are still on the upswing. In a recent issue of the Wall Street Journal, Dean Treftz interpreted the results of a recent government report, praising Austin home options as “stable, low-cost and ‘homey.’” Our fair city’s steady appreciation in pricing was attributed to a rebounding tech industry, the stabilizing influence of the state government and the ongoing influx of fresh talent via the university system. Although concerns persist of a continued decline in home values nationwide, Austin looks prepared to stay on track as one of America’s best places to live.

We couldn’t agree more. As experts with strong experience in the Austin residential real estate market, we repeatedly see people arriving from across the country, first impressed with the area’s vibrant cultural scene, then amazed at just how much house one can get in Austin. The diversity of vibrant neighborhoods close to great attractions (downtown, the lakes or the Hill Country) gives people a great array of choices and a quality of life that’s hard to beat anywhere else. If you’re ready to get your own home in Austin, check out all homes for sale in Austin at our Austin Home Search tool or the realtors at Great Austin Properties at 512.600.1800.

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