Austin Area Football Rivalries

Posted on Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 at 9:11am.

Austin Area Football Rivalries

Football season is officially underway! Every year, fans tune in to watch their favorite teams compete and hopefully bring home a trophy, cheering them on and condemning their rivals. Texas has no shortage of football rivalries between schools, and team spirit is alive and well in the Austin area. We've included information about some well known football rivalries below - what team will you cheer for this year?

Anderson Trojans vs. McCallum Knights - Coming up on its 17th year, the annual Taco Shack Bowl, a competition between the Anderson and McCallum High Schools in Austin, always peppers in a bit of fun among the rivalry. Each team has a pre-game "spirit competition" in which they decorate the namesakes for the event, the Taco Shack restaurants located around the Austin area. Last year, McCallum came out victorious in the actual game, while Anderson won the spirit competition. You can catch the game in late August at House Park - it will be another year to remember!

McCallum Knights vs. Travis Rebels - The annual "Battle of the Bell" between Austin High Schools McCallum and Travis is a tradition originating in 1953 when they first competed against each other. Each team has a chance to win the Victory Bell, a 50-pound locomotive bell trophy that travels between the schools during each game and goes home with the victors at the end. The date and score of the game is engraved into the bell by the winning school, making it easy to keep track of the rivalry and game outcomes. The Rebels came out victorious for the first time in 10 years in 2010, and the first tie since 1957 occurred in 2016. The Knights took a huge with in 2017 at 72-0, but there's no predicting who will win this year's game!

Round Rock Dragons vs. Westwood Warriors - Located in the Round Rock ISD, these high schools also hold their own "Battle of the Bell" each year in the biggest game in the district. The railroad bell is passed back and forth to the winners and serves as a trophy of sorts to be held for a year until the next battle. In the 2017 Battle of the Bell, Westwood swept a victory right from under Round Rock's feet, as the Dragons had held a winning streak for the past 3 games. Will the Warriors maintain their title or will the bell be going back to the Dragons in 2018?

Lake Travis Cavaliers vs. Westlake Chaparrals - In an astounding comeback in 2017, Westlake High School beat their longtime rivals, Lake Travis High School, after a 10 year losing streak. The two schools compete in a yearly "Battle of the Lakes," which will again be hosted at the Westlake Chaparral Stadium on October 12. Make sure you catch the game this year to see if Westlake can take it again, or if Lake Travis will come out victorious!

Texas Longhorns vs. Oklahoma Sooners - Each year during the third weekend of the State Fair of Texas, thousands of fans gather to watch longtime rivals the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma battle it out in the Red River Showdown, an annual football game played at the Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas. The rivalry dates back over 100 years to 1900 when the game was originally called the "Red River Shootout" until it was renamed at the 100th meeting between the schools. The game itself isn't the only tradition associated with the Red River Showdown; exchanges of trophies between the athletic departments, student governments, and even the governors of Texas and Oklahoma happen each year, along with a football scrimmage between each school's ROTC program. The Red River Showdown is a much loved event that Texas and Oklahoma fans alike look forward to each year. The Longhorns currently hold the lead for most wins at 61-46, but Oklahoma has won the past 2 years in a row. There's no telling who will come out on top in 2018!

Texas Longhorns vs. Texas A&M Aggies - Though these teams no longer play in the same football conference and are therefore not official rivals, for nearly 100 years they competed annually and were the third-longest running college football rivalry until the last game in 2011. Each team had pregame rituals including the Aggie Bonfire and Hex Rally to prepare for the clash, and each school mentions the other by name in its "fight song." The rivalry ended with a win by the Longhorns, maintaining their lead at 76-37. Though the two schools are not official rivals anymore, fans still consider them to be and are constantly pushing for the teams to face each other once again.

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