Austin Area Crime Review Websites

Posted on Wednesday, July 6th, 2016 at 5:03pm.

Austin Area Crime Review Websites

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Austin has a reputation as one of the safest cities in the country. However, it’s always a good idea to stay informed about crimes reported in your neighborhood. We’ve put together a short review of websites you can visit for an overview of crime reports and statistics in Austin and beyond. Check out the websites below for access to crime data in the Austin area:

KrimeLabb- KrimeLabb is an independently-run website which gathers crime data across the city of Austin. It was previously voted “Best in Austin” in 2011 by the Austin Chronicle. The data is updated daily and pulled from the Austin Police Department, Travis County District Court,  Downtown Austin Community Court, and other sources. You can browse crime data by zip code, address, type of incident, and date. The report offers a list view, chart view, and even a map view to see where crimes have occurred. Clicking on an incident will bring up a brief report summarizing the event.

APD Crime Search- This Crime Search tool provided by the Austin Police Department and offers multiple ways to review crime data. In the map view, you can enter a specific address and search crimes within a radial distance from that address. The tool also offers hundreds of pre-built neighborhood searches to browse crime data. You can also draw your own search boundaries to pull crimes within an area. All of these searches can be performed within a specific date range. Each search will bring up a list of incidents that have occurred in the defined parameters and highlight their location on the map when clicked on.

APD Incident Reports- The Austin Police Department incident reports are available to the public going back 18 months from the current date. These reports are generated when a police officer is called and a report is written out as a result of an incident. You can browse reports by a specific case number, address, zip code, district, census tract, and more, within a specific date range. These reports show detailed information about each incident.

RAIDS Online- If you're looking for crime statistics outside of Austin city limits, RAIDS is a national database that pulls crime data from local law enforcement agencies. You can search for a specific address, or choose a city from their drop down list. Markers on the map indicate where and what kind of incident occurred within the search area. You can also search by date and choose which types of incidents you would like to search. You can sign up with RAIDS to receive crime alerts sent to your email, or use their iPhone app.

While we can’t guarantee the accuracy of all the information provided from these websites, they are a reliable source for general information about crimes in the Austin area. If you’re thinking about making a move to Austin, our agents can guide you to the perfect home and neighborhood. Contact us to get in touch with one of our expert agents.

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