Austin #1 - Healthiest Housing Markets

Posted on Friday, October 9th, 2009 at 2:46pm.

Builder Online just updated its top healthiest housing markets, and Austin came in at #1. Here’s why: “Even though it took a step backward during the last six months, Austin happens to be the only market on our list that is genuinely close to healthy. Home prices, which rose in 2008, finally declined this year—they are down 4.6% through September—as this Texas metro ended a long run of employment growth and lost some jobs. But its population has expanded by 4.3% during the first half of 2009, which should add housing demand and help firm up home pricing. It was the same story with Austin-area employment numbers, which remained in positive territory until mid-2009, when its manufacturing segment began losing jobs. Still, unemployment in this progressive city runs only about 7%, significantly below the national average. Dell Computer is Austin’s largest employer, with about 17,000 jobs. Austin continues to draw population, especially retirees, with its low cost of living, inexpensive housing, and warm-weather climate. The city had the third highest household growth rate in percentage terms among the top 100 market. Even so, permit activity fell by 38% during the first half of the year.” Read the whole story here:  Healthiest Housing Markets 2009: Fall Update

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