5 Ways to Reduce Your Home Owner's Insurance

Posted on Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 at 4:16am.

Guest post by Jake Fisher

In today’s economy wouldn’t it be nice if you could lower your home owner’s insurance premium? There are many ways to do just that. In the process, you’ll save money and simultaneously protect yourself. Here are five great ways to reduce your homeowners insurance...

1. Bundling Your Insurance

Many insurance carriers will lower your homeowner’s insurance premium if you add other items to your policy such as a motorcycle, all your family vehicles or a boat. While many companies advertise their bundling services, there are plenty who don't, so be sure to call your provider and ask. It’s also a good idea to shop various insurance carriers to see which one offers the lowest premiums for bundling your home and other items.

2. Installing a Security System

Insurance providers want your home to be safe and secure and will lower your premium if you install a home security system. Contrary to popular belief, many home security systems are very affordable and range from basic secure coverage to the very complex. You may seek out a system that comes with cameras and remote monitoring or a more basic service that provides fire and carbon monoxide monitoring and police and firehouse alerts. Take the time to find the best security system for your home and review websites like http://www.homesecurityinfo.com/home-security-equipment.html that offer a variety of models and features.

3. Security Gates and Grates on Windows

Those old, "prison-looking" security bars help keep burglars away but they don't have to be unsightly. There are a variety of attractive security grates you can purchase that will enhance the look of your home while keeping it safe. Often called window guards, they are available in standard and custom sizes and are made of durable metals to ensure extra security. They come in a variety of colors in attractive ornamental designs. Installing a security gate where a password or code must be entered can also lower your insurance premium.

4. Don’t Adopt or Buy Insurance Discouraged Dog Breeds

Insurance companies keep a list of dog breeds they feel may be harmful to neighbors and visitors to your home. These include Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, Chow Chows, Rottweilers, Akitas, Presa Canario, Siberian Huskies and more. Bankrate offers a great list of dogs to avoid. If you decide to purchase one of these dogs, you should expect your home owner’s insurance premium to rise. Worse, if you don’t tell your insurance provider about a discouraged dog breed and damage or injury ensues, they may not cover a claim and/or may drop your coverage.

5. Maintain Your Home Properly

When plumbing or electrical problems occur, repair them and keep them up to code by using experienced service people. If you’ve purchased a home and the roof needs to be replaced, your insurance company will take notice and reduce your annual premium. If you have broken windows or torn screens, it’s also essential to replace these items as an investigation may show your home was just waiting for a robbery to happen. Make sure you maintain and service fireplaces, chimneys and other items in your home when needed to ensure they are safe for use. The more you maintain your home and can prove it via receipts and records, the more likely an insurance carrier will be willing to lower your premium.

By following these simple tips, you'll be able to keep home owner’s insurance costs low and affordable.


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