5 Biggest Home Selling Mistakes

Posted on Thursday, August 10th, 2017 at 3:46pm.

Five Biggest Home Selling Mistakes

When selling your home, it’s important to start the process off right from the start, especially in a hot market like Austin’s! Making the wrong choices can have a negative effect on the outcome of your home sale. Check out these top five major selling mistakes and how you can avoid them:

  1. Not Working with an Agent - There are many steps involved when it comes to selling a home that can easily be overlooked or difficult to attempt on your own. If you’re not careful or experienced with selling a home, you could end up in a situation with a negative outcome. A real estate agent can guide you through the process and ensure every detail is taken care of. They can also handle all the paperwork associated with your home sale and negotiate with the buyer’s agent. Finally, your agent is an invaluable resource for real estate knowledge, market expertise, and contacts for vendors. Our team of agents has helped hundreds of local sellers list their homes. Get to know our team here.
  2. Overpricing Your Home - The secret to making the most from your home sale and selling it fast is to price it right from the start. Buyers won’t consider a home that seems overpriced, which leaves your listing sitting on the market and may even force you to eventually lower the price. Your agent can help you analyze the market, compare similar properties, and evaluate the unique features of your home to arrive at the best listing price. Learn more about our strategies for pricing your home.
  3. Lack of Preparation - Failing to properly prepare to list your home can potentially lead to trouble down the road. It’s important to the take the time to gather and prepare all the necessary paperwork and documents needed for your home sale. This will make it easier for your agent to list your home and market it effectively. Most importantly, having all the proper paperwork in place can protect you from legal trouble should any disagreements arise. Use our Disclosures and Documentation page to review the important paperwork you’ll need for your home sale.
  4. Failing to Stage Your Home - When your home is on the market, it’s important for buyers to see it in the best shape possible. Clutter, broken down items, and lack of curb appeal can be immediate turn-offs to buyers who visit your home. Before listing your home, take some time to make minor repairs and spruce up all the rooms, especially the kitchen and bathrooms. Check with your agent before making any big changes, like remodeling your kitchen or adding a deck, since these may alter your home's value. Check out our guides to get your home ready for photos and showings.
  5. Inadequate Marketing - In a competitive market like Austin’s, it’s not enough to just stick a “For Sale” sign in the yard and wait for buyers to roll in. Your home needs as much exposure as possible to attract potential buyers. More than 90% of buyers begin searching for homes online, so it’s important to make sure your listing can be found across the web with beautiful photos. Help your agent spread the word by sharing your listing on social media. Don’t forget about traditional techniques like professional flyers and open houses to show off your home. Learn more about our solid marketing plan to boost your home’s exposure.

At REILLY, REALTORS®, our goal is to help you sell your home quickly and for the best price possible. Our agents are experts in the Austin market and would love to list your home. Contact us today to start working with one of our expert agents.

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