3 Reasons to Buy a Home in the Fall

Posted on Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 at 3:58pm.

3 Reasons to Buy a Home in the Fall

With school back in session, summer has begun to fade away into fall. While the summer season is often touted as the best time to buy a home, that doesn’t mean you should wait till next year to find your dream home. Fall can be a great time to buy, especially in a thriving market like Austin’s. Here are three great reasons to buy a home this fall:

1) Less competition- During the summer, the market is crowded with buyers searching for their new home. In a hot market like Austin’s, it’s not unusual to face stiff competition for homes in the city’s most popular areas. Starting your Austin home search in the fall is one way to avoid intense competition. Without a swarm of competing buyers, you can have your pick of great homes in your preferred area.

2) Motivated sellers- Many sellers choose to list their homes during the spring and summer season, but not every home will sell during that time. Sellers whose homes have remained on the market may be more willing to sell rather than wait until summer comes again. With the holiday season just around the corner, some sellers could also try to move before the end of the year. As a buyer, you and your REALTOR® may be able to negotiate a better deal with a seller facing these situations.

3) Fewer Service Delays- Summer isn’t just a busy time for buyers, sellers, and their REALTORS®. It can also be a hectic time for the lenders, title companies, and other parties involved in a real estate transaction. Business for these companies typically slows down during the fall, so you’re more likely to receive attentive service and quick responses to your needs. The same goes for inspectors, appraisers, and even moving companies.

Thinking about making a move this fall? Our team of experts is waiting in the wings to help you discover your dream home in the Austin area. Contact us today to get in touch with one of our top agents.

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