20 Reasons Why Austin is a Great Place to Live

Posted on Friday, June 5th, 2015 at 4:51pm.

20 Reasons Why Austin is a Great Place to Live

Photo courtesy of Hyun Jae Park on Flickr.

From the growing economy to unique culture, there are so many reasons to love Austin. Over the past few years, this city has gained national recognition on every scale, including economy, culture, and education. As a result, businesses and individuals alike have packed their bags and chosen to make Austin their home. There are so many things we can say about why we love Austin, so we thought we'd share our top 20 reasons why Austin is a great place to call home:

Austin's Economy- Hundreds of new businesses have set up shop in the Austin area recently, and it's not hard to understand why:

Austin's Education- Austin is home to several school districts, colleges, and major universities with top accolades:

Austin's Food/Entertainment- Good food and good times go hand in hand for many Austinites. There's something fun for everyone to do in this city:

Austin's Lifestyle- There's a reason "Keep Austin Weird" is the local motto- Austin's vibrant culture is a melting pot of unique and traditional lifestyles:

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