Angaleen Cota


Having lived in Austin for over a decade, Angaleen has a keen perspective that buyers and sellers find valuable. She has lived in North, South, and West Austin and is able to provide her clients with details about neighborhoods that can only be known from having lived there. Combined with her ability to negotiate terms and pricing with street smart skill, a capacity to really listen to her clients' goals and needs, and her attention to detail, Angaleen proves herself to be an expert resource time and time again.

While a full time Realtor, she and her husband Steve are raising three children in Northwest Austin. They love the outdoors, volunteering, attending festivals, listening to live music, serving at Hill Country Bible Church, frequenting many parks, and truly embracing the diverse culture that Austin has to share.


Angaleen is persistent, tireless and fiercely loyal. Knowing we had just arrived in Austin, she reached out to my wife and I a number of times before we were ready to start our real estate search, but it was never with a push or a hard sell - it was always just a polite reminder that if we needed help she was there. So when we did begin our search, I reached out to her and over the next six weeks, she patiently stuck with us as we film-flammed back and forth between renting and buying and back again.  She always made herself available to us whether it be for a call or an impromptu showing we wanted to take in. Her husband Steve, a smart, genial guy who knows his stuff, is also an agent so for the one or two times our schedules just plain collided and we just wanted to check out a place quick, she was able to send him as her proxy. 
They eventually helped us get into nice little house that perfectly suits our needs. We feel very fortunate to have worked with both Angaleen and her husband Steve and would recommend them to anyone without reservation.